Suggestion after the campaign cancellation

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Suggestion after the campaign cancellation

Post by laralex »

Hello, I've just seen your post on cancelling campaign (tutorial) whatsoever. I don't propose an idea of designing campaign, but I would like you to think about filling the "scenario selection" gap.

You can add 5-10 new initial conditions of freeplay in the list of existing fun modes like belt puzzles. These conditions would ideally contain some storytelling hints (like abandoned structures from the campaign we already have), but it would do without them aswell. Such conditions may be nothing but predesigned map generator configs + a few game settings to implement:
- exploration world (biters are mild and sparse, though annoying sometimes, resourses are sparse and require long railroad systems)
- island world (would be ideally having cargo ships mod built-in, but if you put islands close, then landfill and trains will do)
- swarm mode (ravenous biters, but evolving is scaled down to prevent hardcore, ideally multiple spawner groups should cooperate to attack with huge waves)
- corossion world (many or all building are slowly wearing out, have to keep robots to fix them)
- forest world (heavily forested, removing them with robots takes time, explosives like grenades remove trees, but leave tree remnants instead, which don't consume pollution, but still should be removed with hand/robot)
- privatization (resources aren't as rich and slightly sparse, the only biters on the map are right on the resources and it's hard to fight for them)

May be the community may propose even more scenarios

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