[Electronics] - Sensors

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[Electronics] - Sensors

Post by Vaupell »

Would like to control turrets, buildings, defenses, gates etc. by using the wires in game.

But to make that work, i need sensors.
So things that output a signal 1 if active and 0 if not active.

A couple of sensors i could find use for instantly are

- Motion sensor (alien sensor) ;)
- LDR sensors (light)
- Player sensor (maybe ownership setting for multiplayer)
- Belt sensor (detect if there is something in front of it on the transport belts)
- Transistors, can always use transistors for multiple detections and then let power through if activated.
- Pollution sensor

Keep up the amazing work on this game.
Just got it, and have already clocked more than 24 hours over the last 3 days. :p

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Re: [Electronics] - Sensors

Post by MF- »

We were already promised a power-switch device controllable by the CCnet.
Search / Read up first: http://www.factorio.com/blog/post/fff-66

There is already a thread with suggested new CCnet features:
https://forums.factorio.com/forum/vie ... 46&p=61307

Please check which of your ideas are new and post those there

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