Better module management

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Better module management

Post by falk »

We need better and faster way of changing or adding modules to assemblers and other structures.

What ?
Currently, if an assembler is filled with 4 red (productivity) modules, and you want to replace one of them with a blue (speed) module, you have to select the assemlber and manually remove one of the four red modules and then insert the blue module. If you want to do this to multiple assemblers, then you have to manually do it for each assembler. The alternative is to destroy everything and rebuild using robots so that the robots can place the correct modules this time.

The suggestion is to make copy + paste and shift + RMB, shift + LMB overrride the module settings and robots will replace modules as needed without having to deconstruct everything.

Why ?
Modules are supposed to change the way your machines operate according to your factory needs. There will be times when you need to consume less energy, and there will be times when you need to produce more from less, or to make things faster. Being able to quickly change the modules used in an assembly line is quite important and a big improvement to the game.

Additional Idea
It is very common to have a blue assembler (Tier 2) with 2 modules in it directly upgraded to a yellow assemlber (Tier 3). In this scenario, the yellow assemlber will have 2 modules. Let us suppose the blue assemlber had two red modules in it. And we want the upgraded assemlber to have 3 red and 1 blue module. If we use CTRL+LMB or CTRL+RMB to add the modules to the machine, we will fill it with 2 more red modules or 2 more blue modules. There is no way to quickly add 1 module at a time without having to select the machine itselft and inserting the module in its slot.

The additional suggestion is to change the CTRL+RMB command to add only 1 module to the machine. If the machine has an empty module slot, the module is then inserted into the machine. If not, then the module on the left is removed, the other modules are shifted to the left, and the new module is then inserted on the right.

This would allow us to quickly insert and change modules even in machines that are already filled with different modules.

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Re: Better module management

Post by Cribbit »

I've suggested & supported having shift r/l mouse settings copy also copy modules for a while, would be super useful.

Upgrade planner should also be able to do it.

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Re: Better module management

Post by ssilk »

Hm. What I would like to see first (cause that would be a core feature) is, that modules could be replaced automatically - depening on current needs. For example if power is low then all modules are replaced with efficiency modules.

But I have no idea how that could work, cause this feature has 3 dimensions:
- Area (needs to be limited somehow) or a selection of devices
- Device-type (assembly, furnace...)
- Availability of modules (for that construction-zone, for this stage of research, etc.)

A mod which comes near to this is
Cool suggestion: Eatable MOUSE-pointers.
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