The order Logistics robots remove items

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The order Logistics robots remove items

Post by Paul »

Logistics robots and inserters (removing items) seem to always take the first item in the chest. The input to the chest always seems to fill the first slot it can. The extractors (logistics or various inserters) should cycle around the chest to solve the following issues.

1. If a chest is overfull (stack limitation). Then the items beyond the limit are never taken if the input feed is sufficient.
2. If the chest contains many different items the chest may only deliver the first item if the feed of that item is sufficient.

Random removal: Just as simple would be for elements extracting from chests to select randomly. For smart inserters and logistics to randomly select from items matching any filter criteria.

By not taking the first item each time the overfull chest would slowly reduce to its limit. The chest containing multiple types of items would randomly deliver multiple items.

Now a chest could be loaded with say 75% one item and 25% another and a simple fast inserter extracting items would deliver (with statistical probability) that same ratio.

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