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Hide _autosaveXX option

Post by Jon8RFC » Sat Aug 10, 2019 9:45 pm

Since the display space is limited (even though folders are supported), hiding autosaves would help since the load save selection always defaults to most recent save rather than last folder viewed.

What ?
An option to hide the autosaves from display, permitting more screen real estate to go toward the more useful save files. Just a checkbox so that they can be easily seen again if need be.
Why ?
Being able to hide the autosaves allows for a primary save folder since the game always defaults to the latest save file's folder, rather than remembering the last used folder. This can keep those out of the way since the majority of players probably use them far less often than manual saves.

I use 20 autosaves so that instances of bugs or loading someone else's bug report can give me a backup of things.
Factorio supports folder structures for save files, which is awesome, but the autosaves still get in the way since I can't have a separate "current games folder" without defaulting to the autosave location a significant portion of the time.

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