some suggestions

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some suggestions

Post by Cdr.MaS »

Hello guys,
first I wanna say that this game is awesome, it sucked me right into it and I play as often as I can
I only been hooked on a game that much when FallOut 3 was released

nevertheless I do have some suggestions and maybe you'll like some of them
I did not check wether there are posts that inclued my suggestions in detail so some maybe redundand

1. I would like to be able to recycle stuff that I don't need anymore or which I falsely produced (yepp this happens sometimes).
It could be like this, you recycle an item which takes 1.5 times as much time as it took to make it, and you get 75% of your stuff back

2. I would like to see robots that are low tech. Maybe two regular belts plus a smart insterter plus circuts and bam, a little rover.

3. I definitly would like a wear-down effect. Maybe it could be like this, assemblers, miners and furnances loose X HP per hour if no service bot (this could be a use for the low tech robot) is equiped with some repair kits and takes care of stuff.
To make it even more interessting damage could reduce the productivity or increase the amount of energy needed.

4. Making the car, tank and the robots modular like the armour would make the game and especially the fightings so much more interessting.
Maybe you could set up a blueprint and then put this type of robot into production. I would combine this with the low tech robot and produce some rolling bombs.
Or specialize a car on speed and add a radar to scout things.

5. A matter manipulator that allows the player to move objekts rather than having to deconstruct it (which is annoying). Could be combined with blue prints and given some upgrades to make it possible to move entire sections (maybe 10x10 tiles)

6. As much as I love the forests, I strongly recommend a more effective way of getting rid of those green fuckers than having to shoot them. (Seriously I did spend half an hour today only to clear a decent area to set up an part of my factory) Here the use of robots might come in handy even the low tech ones that I'm suggesting.

7. More crude materials please, Gold, nickel, minerals. Those things shouldn't be a problem. They could be refined like iron, copper and oil but would make the game so much more intense. Maybe add some materials that have to be made like glass for lasers.

8. Please impliment some more tables and statistics. This could be so helpful

please don't get me wrong, I love this game (I'm building the fith factory in two weeks right now) I just want to participate in making a game at least a little bit so this is rather a way of saying thank you devs you did a good job so far

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Re: some suggestions

Post by Nova »

6. You can use the red "blueprint" to remove trees. Also good ways to remove them: Green poison capsules.

7. I don't see the reason why we should have so many ores. It feels like every mod for factory adds 10 new ores. The same for minecraft. Every technical mod adds it's own new ores. Even if you combine the same ores from different mods (if for example some mods all use copper) there are still a trillion different ores. In my opinion adding 100 new mineable resources would make the game overly complex without a real benefit. Even for realism I think we should slightly bend the rules to condense the amount of ore.
If we have to route 20 ores through the factory only to create 1 or 2 things with each, it would not be fun anymore. The same for having too much ingredients for a thing.
I think a few more ores would be no problem, but please not 10.
Greetings, Nova.
Factorio is one of the greatest games I ever played, with one of the best developers I ever heard of.

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Re: some suggestions

Post by katyal »

Theres a couple of really great posts stickied at the top of this forum that I think you could find very useful.

The first one FREQUENTLY SUGGESTED IDEAS contains a helpful list that helps us not go around in circles always rehashing the same five ideas.

The second one is a helpful guide with the tongue in cheek name Read this OR be ignored! that helps you to make sure that your suggestions are taken into consideration and have a maximum chance of making it into the game. :D

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Re: some suggestions

Post by Night_Ange1 »

5. I suggest doing this (relocation) with a special "relocation blueprint" name TBD. Wich you highlight an area like the deconstruction print and converts it to a ghost layout which you can place just like the blueprint. Construction bots pick up from one place and place it in the new spot

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