Alt-mode Combinator interface setting to show only selected entity.

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Alt-mode Combinator interface setting to show only selected entity.

Post by waduk »

Just like the title said, an option (checkbox) to show only Constant combi setting (or arithmatic, or decider) and hide the rest of combi would be nice.

After i finished build my circuit, in my case i control with constant combi (to order/set threshold/adjust, etc)
I don't need to see the rest of other combi setting, especially with tight setup it's just too overwhelming.

Sure, right now i can toggle on and off, but wouldn't it be very nice to not having toggle all the time ?

Or even better way is to have a toggle button on each combi GUI, whether we want to see that combi setting or not.
(it will ignore global combi interface setting in the main option).

There are two option, "Player only", and "All Player (faction)". Both can be chosen.
Default is following the setting in the main option.

There are more even benefit with this.

In the gameplay, especially MP session, it would be very easy to tell other player what combi they must use, just choose the one that have a viewable setting!

Imagine the conversation goes like this :
A: "Dude, which one i should turn on ?"
B: "The constant combi one, du'h"
A: "yeah, but there's tons of them !"
B: "Not the one on top, that's for filter"
B: "wait, i will set the viewable setting"

Mockup :

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