I like tanks. The new tanks are awesome.

Post your ideas and suggestions how to improve the game.

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I like tanks. The new tanks are awesome.

Post by pbhead »

My only complaint, is that I can only drive one.

I know there has been talk about a "Throne Room" before? As 'End game content"?

Assuming this is a thing, I am sure you already got the same feels of "I need MORE TANKS".

And assuming that is also a thing, I am sure you already got some solutions sketched out. So... with that, I just want to say that I am really excited for all the fairly obvious stuff below, which I am sure you guys either already thought of, or have something similar, or something better, or something.

Looking forward to some way to drive multiple tanks around (perhaps a resource intensive "remote control unit"?) from the throne room.

Looking forward to some way for deploying, refueling, rearming and repairing my multiple tanks... perhaps a "mobile robo port" and/or "supply vehicle"

Looking forward to some how deploying/managing the number of robots, both the number of construction and logistic robots, and the various "capsule" robots.

Looking forward to some way automatically picking up the spoils of war from the throne room.

Perhaps looking forward to some more variety of vehicles, to take care of the variety of threats. maybe mobile artillery pieces, and some lighter 'jeeps' to keep the tanks from wasting time on the little guys. Perhaps even, a higher tier of tank for later. laser tanks. Actually, you can probably think of something a lot better than "laser tanks".

I like nukes too. I saw there were nuke ideas. looking forward to nukes.

Or. If I said something stupid. just ignore it.

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Re: I like tanks. The new tanks are awesome.

Post by bobingabout »

The ability to use a manually aimed and fired weapon on a "car" entity is a good thing (The tank is a car entity), it basically means any player controlled weapon created eitther by the devs, or modders can be assigned to a vehicle, and therefore be a "tank weapon".

One of the other things I'd like to see though, is automatically aimed and fired weapons on vehicles too, like mobile turrets.

I'd especially like to see this ability on the locomotive and cargo-wagon entities, so we can easily create trains that can defend themselves.

Technically it is possible now with scripting, I've seen it with F-Mod's turret car, but that was a bit hacky...
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