[0.17] Global hotbars - Decouple hotbars from specific saves

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[0.17] Global hotbars - Decouple hotbars from specific saves

Post by Hexicube »

The new hotbar has a couple of downsides:

- Filters have to be set straight away on a new save or you end up checking your inventory (burner mining, stone furnace, etc.)
- Filters do not carry over between saves, making it harder to remember what you put where

Both of these would be solved with a global hotbar system, where you set the hotbars to be used everywhere:

- Personal option to enable/disable global hotbars for the current save or server
- Editing hotbars whilst global hotbars are enabled edits the saved hotbars, that are then used everywhere you have the option enabled
- Turning global hotbars on after making edits with them off loses those edits

There's 100 hotbar slots in total, which is hopefully enough to put everything buildable on there.

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Re: [0.17] Global hotbars - Decouple hotbars from specific saves

Post by Koub »

The issue being "I don't want to spend all my time redoing my quickbars", I suggest giving a look at this topic, with an alternative suggestion to the same issue :
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