ammunition, weapons and turrets

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ammunition, weapons and turrets

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1. As it is now bullet speed and range are determined by the weapons and turrets. I suggest moving these properties to the ammunition itself. This will allow different ammo types to be used in the same weapon without becoming either totally useless or completely overpowered.

for example:
buckshot, dart and slug rounds for the shotgun. Buckshot would have little range, a lot of damage and no penetration, darts would have medium range, medium damage and a small penetration bonus, slugs have no spread, huge amount of damage to one target and longer range, but slow to reload.

2. Turrets should overheat after continously firing for a certain period of time. This would make it interesting to have a diverse base defense setup. For example a sniper turret has a slow rate of fire so can continue to shoot without problems, while the regular gun turret would overheat after firing for x amount of seconds and needs to cooldown. Higher tier turrets can fire longer and with modules you can reduce the cooldown period.

3. Module effects for turrets like cooldown, rate of fire, range and damage.
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