Increasing BOT-KI and adding Queens

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Increasing BOT-KI and adding Queens

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Dear Factorio Creators,

I very much like the Game but something is a bit boring. Especially with the enemy-KI which is kind of lame I thought how it would be possible to increase the dynamic to be more interesting especially in the late game.

Idea: Spawn a Queen with low Probability which is a strong enemy
- Queens have more health and they protect themselves (withdraw) if love is going low (<66%).
- Have fast health regeneration (can regenerate by eating other bugs).
- She controls the swarm (She sends in units, if she is around units attack weakest link and high profile targets. e.g. Powerlines, Defenseless Positions (Weak spots in the defense)).
- She can spawn new nests
- She has a distance attack (like big worm) and a close range attack (like machine gun).

She can spawn everywhere but only very rarely (<0,5% of all spawns). Only one Queens spawns at a given time frame (Cool down for spawn).
She only spawns if pollution is high, and spawns are already further advanced. She transforms multiple nests (3-4) nests into a queens nest)
If this nest is in radar range, a special warning sign is shown.

Description of behavior:
1) She spawns and gathers bugs / minions to attack the player
2) She identifies MAIN-Factory and outposts.
==> She always attacks the outposts first, if the main Factory is fully protected.
If not she attacks the main factory and focuses on power / grid destruction before hunting the player.
If she is close to a player (double the range of a normal defense tower) she will send minions after him, and will follow the player).
3) She stops if the player is defeated or the pollution is very low.

If Queen kills a player in the multiplayer mode, she will suck the player empty and get's additional stats (Health, Armor, Weapon Damage).

Well I think the direction is clear: More specialized enemies to keep the game more unpredictable.
What do you think?

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