More realistic power grid

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More realistic power grid

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more realistic power grid. voltage tiers, amperage tiers, step up/down transformers, breakers, voltage drop

What ?
One aspect of the game i really love to see worked and refined is the power grid. atm it just lets infinite amount of power through a single power line. in real world situation that wire would burn up.
I want to be able to build transformer stations to bump up voltage so greater power can traveler greater distance, then when at my outpost base step down the voltage.
the power lines also need to have a limit how many watts can travel through it.
other mechanics i would love to see added is if you do try to pull more power through the grid something will fail in the grid in the line from power source to end point of over drawing power. so breakers can be added to help protect the risk of more expensive things burning up and catching fire
with a system like this it would also be more beneficial to spread out power plant locations to supply the power grid
Why ?
power gen and power grid is lacking in complexity in a game were the theme is to plan things out well

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Re: More realistic power grid

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