Devs, please take your environmental responsibilities !

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Devs, please take your environmental responsibilities !

Post by boro »

Dear Factorio Devs,

I've been doing some math and I came to some horrible conclusions.

According to my estimations I've been playing your game for 2000 hours, 40 50-hour bases sounds about right. I assume this is average for your player base given the addictive nature of your product.
Now I play with challenging difficulty settings and I die around 10 times an hour. So I need to load my savegame 10 times an hour, and guess what? Nearly every time I die, it's in combat, and during combat I like my zoom level to be completely zoomed out (like everybody else I suppose) to have maximum awareness of my surroundings.

The problem is that after loading, the zoom level always resets to the default zoom, so every time the first thing to do is to zoom out using the mousewheel. So after the 20.000th time of going through this ordeal, this labour of Sisyphus if you will, it dawned on me that I've been doing a lot of avoidable mousescrolling, but just how much exactly?

I measured it takes about 5 centimeters of scrolling to completely zoom out.

20000 times 5cm is 1 kilometer. A full kilometer of post-load-mouse-scrolling !

Needless to say how horrified I was when I remembered you recently sold your millionth copy of this game. If I truly am the average player, that means 1 million kilometers of easily avoidable mouse scrolling, that is almost THREE TIMES THE DISTANCE FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON !!!

Now I don't know the mean distance between failure (MDBF) of the average mousewheel on the average mouse, but I do know that I had my mouse replaced recently because of a broken mousewheel, so I can only envision the gigantic mountain of broken mouses YOU, Factorio devs, have on your conscience, and its impact on climate change, all because YOU did not listen when I suggested to save the zoom level inside the savegame back in 2014.

I'll be expecting you to fix this problem ASAP.

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Want a mouse-o-meter

Post by mrvn »

Here is a fix way back from the times of nethack. When you load a game delete the savefile. When you die you die, start again fresh. Seriously, if you die 10 times an hour, that's every 6 minutes, you are doing something wrong.

But that's not why I'm posting here. Talking about the amount of scroll wheel action you have made me think I want a mouse-o-meter. How many circumferences of a 3.5" floppy do I move the mouse in a game, how many clicks do I perform?

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