Pneumatic Delivery System - alternative for logistic bots

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Pneumatic Delivery System - alternative for logistic bots

Post by mp0011 » Fri May 26, 2017 8:07 pm

Pneumatic Tubes Delivery System - less lag and faster.
What ?
A system, that can replace or integrate with and enhance of logistic bots system.
Allows to transport things faster, more intelligent, but with higher energy and build costs.

1) Tubes
Tubes are used just to connect Bases.
Items don't travel in it literally (items are basically teleported between bases). However, Tubes are to show which base are directly connected to other.
Tubes can bend, can be underground, but can't split or merge with other Tubes*. Tubes are one direction only.
Maximal Tube section = about 30 tiles (as long as Big Pole can reach), after each section, Base is required.

2) Logistic Bases/Routers
  • Each Base has 80 items of internal storage, and makes 1 delivery (send and receive) every second.
  • You can connect up to 4 pipes to each base, one on each side.
  • Each Base must be controlled by (simple or complicated) logic network, without it - it won't work at all. It sends quantity of all items in internal storage, and require signals with instructions where to send it.
  • Crude example: 1=North, 2=South, 4=East, 8=West, 3=split to North and South, 7=Split North, South and East etc.
    Incoming signal (from Constant combinator or more complicated devices) can be for example: Iron=4, Copper=2, Coal=6. Base will send Iron to Eastern Tube, Copper to Southern Tube, and Coal is splitted evenly to Both Tubes). You can't set proportions if items are splitted, but You can use loops, like with belts)
  • Logistic base can't be feeded in other way than from pipes
    - You can't use inserters on it, You may however insert/remove things by hand - in case of failure.
    - Base that are opened by played can't send or receive any items from pipes, until it's closed.
  • If Base on the other side of Tube (there can be only one Base, since system is node-to-node based) has no free space, cargo is delayed until next cycle.
  • If signals are incorrect (eg. pointing to send something to incoming tube), cargo is delayed until next cycle.
  • Consumes lot of energy, and, possibly, requires constant lubricant supply.
3) Input station
  • Requires logic signal to set filters, do not work without it.
  • Sucks items directly from chests/wagons/buildings (just like this hidden in the game files mass inserter... I forgot the name...)
  • max 40 items/s
4) Output station
As above, puts items in chests/wagons/chests. Don't require signals.
Why ?
This system is quite simple, and should not make lot of lags.
Items are teleported between Bases, no need to calculate and display whole belt of items.
Each Base has up to 4 bases (minus 1, at least one tube is incoming) to deal with, and check its capacity every second.
May be fully controlled by very simple circuits, with more wiring, one can create fully automated, very fast (30tiles/s), long-range, bot-independent delivery system. This system can also act as a intelligent bridge between two logistic networks.

Of course, trains still can deliver more items for far less energy.
Bots also can deliver items to places, there You can't build.
Also, this system should be intentionally prone to cluttering (bottlenecking, items stuck in the Base, because of wrong signals etc) if not well designed/programmed.

*) if there is intersection of Tubes, items may only go straight.
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Re: Pneumatic Delivery System

Post by ssilk » Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:22 pm

See viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7150 Pneumatic Delivery

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Re: Pneumatic Delivery System

Post by mp0011 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:12 pm

Maybe this system can replace logistic bots in "universe without it"?

It can transport items quickly between far ends of base (or different base sections), without items waiting to long on the belts.
It has semilar disadvantages as pipes (walkability, bendings), but is easier to address items than on belts (one pipe can deliver different items, and redirect it with Logic Network to different sections)...

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Re: Pneumatic Delivery System - alternative for logistic bots

Post by Drury » Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:39 pm

mp0011 wrote:Items don't travel in it literally (items are basically teleported between bases).
My take on this would be that items would indeed literally travel in it, kinda like the pneumatic tube system of Portal 2.

You'd dump all kinds of items in, and they'd travel along the tube until hitting a split, which is where they'd get seamlessly filtered (kinda like Wheatley, funny enough). Items of a single kind would be limited to a single "lane" in the pipe, but there would be an unlimited number of "lanes". Its throughput for a single item type would be equal to blue belts, but items of different kinds wouldn't interfere with each other, and as such they wouldn't "steal" each other's throughput. As such, the role of the pipe system would be to basically transport all of your miscellaneous cargo in a single pipe, and be able to efficiently split off any items when necessary. You could have a pipe looping around your entire factory, picking up and dropping all kinds of items as necessary, much more efficiently than would ever be possible with a sushi belt and filter inserters.

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