Logistic storage priority control, BIG issue with robots

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Logistic storage priority control, BIG issue with robots

Post by Maverick8717 »

There is no logical priority on where robots store items, when bases get large I routinely find thousands or robots that get tasked with moving items all the way across the map to a storage box just to carry it all the way back to where they got it when it is needed. This happened even if there are empty storage boxes close by. Adding the ability to prioritize certain storage chests to collect specific items would make the robots much more functional.


Give storage chests some of the properties of a requester chest, the ability to request a certain amount of a specific item be kept there instead of in other chests, the request would only prioritize storage, so it would not pull from passive providers. Additionally make a check box on the storage chest that would "only allow requested items" to be stored.

When active providers dump, items should always be moved to the closest storage chest unless there is a priority chest requesting inventory. Having robots pick up things from an active provider and fly all the way across the map passing storage chests the whole way is insane.

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Re: Logistic storage priority control, BIG issue with robots

Post by ssilk »

The second is not a good rule. The current rule is just, that the bots try to put items into chests that have that item in a stack. That avoids to have chests with many different items, which is important, cause it was introduced to avoid a complete mess with the chests.

And I need to say: Logistic networks are not thought to grow big. The idea is in general, that there are some storage chests in the center of a logistic network. More or less. Up to a size of - hmmm - 500 tiles this works well enough.

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