global circuit network

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global circuit network

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Currently, circuit networks only exist locally, where there is red/green wire placed in the game world.

I am proposing that, in addition to all of these local circuit networks, there should be at least one global circuit network.

In order to connect entities to the global circuit network, a wireless transmitter must be constructed. Then, in order to connect entities to the global circuit network, you simply connect these entities to the wireless transmitter using conventional red/green wire.

The player is always connected to the global circuit network. He can view all signals, in order to monitor what is going on in his base, even when he is far away from it. The player also acts as a constant combinator to the global circuit network, which means that he can also set signals. That way, he can remote control things in his base.

This idea could also be expanded in allowing several global circuit networks to exist, for example by allowing the player to set a specific channel between 1 and 16 on the wireless transmitters.

Some of this has already been suggested in the following thread two years ago:
viewtopic.php?f=6&t=12652 Connection of circuit network over distances.

That thread also contains some suggestions on interaction between the circuit network and the logistics network.

Since that thread is somewhat outdated and since my suggestion focuses mainly on player interaction with a global circuit network, whereas that thread focuses mainly on using wireless connections to bridge large distances and to interact with the logistics network, I considered it appropriate to start a new thread.

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