Split Logistics Networks.

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Split Logistics Networks.

Post by cpaca »

I feel logistic networks should be "splittable" if you want to avoid Logistic Networks to overlap in areas.
The easiest way to do this may be to set everything Logistics with a "Frequency".
The standard frequency is ALWAYS, and ONLY, 0.
All logistic items [chests, passive providers, etc.] shall require their own frequency.
Roboports cannot have multiple frequencies. All else can. The whole point of this is to avoid logistic system merging, right?
Ability to isolate networks. Uses for that:
- When making logistic assembler factories, you can isolate an area so that it takes in ONLY something and outputs ONLY something else, without having to mess with belts moving all the items or other logistic networks fiddling with it. Basically, Factorissimo with more building connections.
- Easier Megatrain unloading compactly. Currently, if you want to unload multiple megatrains, you can mess with either about 20 wide for each megatrain unloader, very space inefficient [which, though there is an infinite of, such is not true within an ocean requiring too much landfill for you to care for] or make only 1 megatrain unloader, terrible if you make multiple megatrains, or make it out of logistic outputs and make all attempts to avoid connecting the logistic network to it. You could argue that perhaps you just output directly to provider chests, but then you run into the problem of "Oh, i'll just sort it at base" and then the train doesn't unload, because one of the unsorted items is overloading ALL the chests, and, next thing you know, you got a biter attack without coal to power it, or iron/copper to make bullets, or oil barrels to make flame, all because stone is blocking the chests. If you throw the items into active provider chests, all the bots come rushing over and lag you out when multiple trains come at once, and they will, trust me.

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Re: Split Logistics Networks.

Post by ssilk »

Added to viewtopic.php?f=80&t=43460 Logistic Network and Logistic Chest Extensions
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