Aliens as protagonists DLC

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Aliens as protagonists DLC

Post by allosaurjaws »

Hi! Yesterday when my dad was getting attacked by aliens in the game, I thought of a cool DLC to add to Factorio. Imagine the game, but in reverse! You are a native on your planet, happily living off the land, when a human crashes to earth and start polluting the world. Build an empire of spawners and spitter worms, and go on organized attacks to purge the once beautiful earth of this human scum.

AI enemies, but developing industry and walls, lasers and guns to defend themselves.
Strategic attacks keep the human on their toes.
Multiplayer servers, a bit like Primal Survival in ARK: Survival Evolved.
Same human progression as in normal gameplay.
Choice of amateur, normal and veteran AI.

I realize there is more content and thinking required, and you might want to stick with the main game for a bit, and all the new mechanics will take quite a while, but it will make me and a lot of other people happy if you consider it. (That was a mouthful!) Thank you and keep up the great work!

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Re: Aliens as protagonists DLC

Post by thereaverofdarkness »

Please abandon the DLC mindset. What we don't want in Factorio:

1.) DLC or other microtransactions
2.) nonsensical "content" that adds nothing of importance to the game but rather gives bored players something else to do so they don't quit as soon

This idea sounds like it could be made into a mod or even a standalone game.

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