Manual Train Driving -- Reserving Tracks for the Player

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Manual Train Driving -- Reserving Tracks for the Player

Post by phi1010 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:54 pm


I'd sometimes like to drive manually on an automated network, but this often causes either crashes or long wait times for me. This is mostly caused by automated trains being able to reserve tracks (yellow signals), while I have to drive to the track, drive a little bit over the red/yellow signal into the track, and wait until the automated train has passed, to allow me to get exclusive usage rights.

I think driving manually could be made easier by:
* reserving all tracks that the player can reach in about 2-3 times the breaking distance to the train the player is controlling.
* reserving tracks 2 blocks into driving direction, to allow the player to reserve a 90°-crossing while standing before a signal one block away from the crossing rail track -- only while the train is in manual mode and a player is actually inside it.

(Only reserve rails that have green/blue signals, the player would still have to wait in front of red signals, but will probably be the next one that is allowed to enter that track section.)

This shouldn't break anything already existing, since it doesn't change the behaviour of trains parked in manual mode as long as there is no player idling inside it.

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Re: Manual Train Driving -- Reserving Tracks for the Player

Post by impetus maximus » Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:37 am

why not just put pedestrian stops across the map and use auto? that's what i do and never get any crashes.
plus i can sit back and sip my coffee while i'm in transport.

if you want reserved track for you, add a third line?

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