Better overview: Issue list and event log

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Better overview: Issue list and event log

Post by ysor123 »

An icon should notify about recently occurred events. The icon is halved. Upper part contains number of recent critical events, bottom part contains number of recent warning events. When any of them is 0, the color of the part is gray, otherwise red (critical, top part) or yellow (warning, bottom part)

- Hover the mouse over the notification icon should show the most recent 5 events in tool tip window.
- Left-clicking on the icon should open up a window with event list ordered by time, descending. Each list item, when it does make sense for the specific event should have a "show on map" button. There should be a severity filter.
- Show on map: should not use the current map, as it might be difficult to mix the events shown there with showing only selected events and switching it back. This could lead to confusion. It should be just a window which show a portion of map at the location so you might know where it is.

Another notification icon near by the event icon should be added. This shows time-independent to-solve issues. Halved same way as the event notification.

- Important issues could be: Train out of fuel, lack of electricity, miner is dry (out of minerals).
- The events should be summarized by type and chunk or group of chunks, so you don't have an issue list item per building out of electricity.
- Also a "show on map" function.
- Events like "no repair tools" and "destroyed buildings" as long as there is the "blueprint" but no replacement or drone for it in the logistic network (or no network at all) could be moved to this list

To differ between the icons they could get different frames around them.

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