Swarm Biters (locusts) - The Evolved Response to TurretCreep

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Swarm Biters (locusts) - The Evolved Response to TurretCreep

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I post this idea in a responce here : viewtopic.php?f=38&t=38683&start=20
But I figured id submit it here so it doesn't get lost.

I was thinking if hives Die / take alot of damage from turrets vs something else, maybe they can evolve more specialized anti-turret defenses over time. Kind of like a secondary evolution factor.

Main idea is Swarm Bitters...A Swap of Locusts like response
They spawn in groups of 20-30 but are considered one unit. They have 1 health per fly. The group only takes 1 damage from Lasers, or Bullets. They would take full damage from Fire, and explosives. Additionally they can fly over walls. When they reach a building they cause critical damage disabling them (not destroying them).
The locusts are defensive only and don't stray to far from their spawned hive.

Maybe they evolve a locust like response, and release groups of Swam Bitters they look like 20-30 small flies in a group. They have 20-30 health (1 per fly), but only take 1 damage from Lasers, and bullets. But, take full damage from Fire, and explosive. They ignore walls(possibly has no collision), and can critically damage buildings in a few attacks, meaning they disable them (not destroy).

THey would kinda look like these swarms:

Please - comments welcome
Please review this idea when you get a chance
Swarm Biters (locusts) - The Evolved Response to TurretCreep

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