Suggestion: defense structures

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Suggestion: defense structures

Post by Shaymes » Thu May 22, 2014 3:21 pm

my english is not the best and i hope you will understand what i mean;

we all love walls and turrets and here are my suggestions for new types of defense strucktures :)

Gates All types what we need like wood steel iron stone
doors for player
gates for trains

wood stone steel iron bridges for player / train / car

wood wall - easy to craft just need wood planks, not realy efficient but i think this game missing usefull things for wood, in the midgame the woodwall disapreas in a furnance or boiler :)
strong wall - same like 2 lines of normal wall but i think 2 lines of normal wall looks ugly maybe 10% more hp (normal wall hp + normal wall hp + 10% = strong wall hp) maybe steel concrete
barbed wire - aliens can pass it but get damage and the wire too (repair/replace by construction robots)
laser wall - laser poles generate a laser barrier between 2 poles in a max range maybe 10 blocks, the laser cant destroyed but the poles, Oh my gosh that will needs a lot of power

Hybird Turrets - a mix of laser and bullet tower, needs energy and bullets to shoot, get bonus from laser and bullet turret research and only become efficent in the lategame if the most research are done
Rocket Turret - a turret with a min and a max range for the firststrike to defent attacking aliens (be carefull rockets damage own strucktures)
outher guntypes turrets like shootgun flamethrower etc

motion sensors - dont dieapreas for of war, apply a sound and warning icon if anything moves, player, train, car, and err aliens thats a good idea :) maybe only works in combination with a linked radar- can switch on/off laser barriers - open/close doors and gates
minefield - dont tested landmines already but an automated replaced landmine field will be nice

in 2 types of radar or upgrade the normal radar
proximity radar - the current radar without chances
scout radar - smal radar to disaper fog of war

thx for reading
redgards Shaymes
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Re: Suggestion: defense strucktures

Post by Crusadem » Thu May 22, 2014 3:36 pm

Would love to see gates and upgradable walls, bridges also make a ton of sense, i believe many people have mentioned their want for these so i wouldn't be surprised to see them put in the game at some point. Knock on wood

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Re: Suggestion: defense structures

Post by ssilk » Thu May 22, 2014 4:19 pm

Well, it's a very mixed suggestion, where every detail is already discussed in other threads. I don't want to link that in detail, can be found using search.

New is:
- Hybrid turrets.

Sorry. Everything else is already suggested and on the way or not. :)
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