Alien Enemies

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Alien Enemies

Post by AxiomUnbroken »

I have commented on this previously, but I have a new suggestion. That aliens invade in waves and their bases remain spread out, so multiple bases would group and attack you but they don't creep right up to your base (or become a continuous hive), and when they build a base it does not re-spawn every 4 seconds.

The whole re-spawn every 4 seconds thing is lame. Its a Gimmick fix for a broken system. This may be Early Access, but everything else works but that. Sure you might like the survival aspect of it, but who wants to kite an enemy base for 10 minutes. Its lame. Who otherwise wants to deal with massive alien infestations over the entire map every 10 feet, for infinity.

its an easy fix per se, all things in coding are easier said than done. However, conceptually... you just give a limited base growth zone, then cycle an area, of local hives, from various bases every so often to determine the greatest concentration of enemies. The highest number wins, group and send an attack from that location.

The Player attacks a hive? Initiate circle from that hive to local hives and send everything.If he kills the wave, he gets to kill the hive. This could also be added as a function in the map generator for the radius of hives, the current one is MOOT. It only slows their advancement and is hard to gauge effect through a game. It also, does not correlate to late game strength or expanding into unknown territory. There seems to be unlimited caps on alien colony size, and once they spread... that's it.

It seems fair, and yet, he has to contend with overwhelming forces. Seems better than SPAM SPAM SPAM... because SPAM SPAM SPAM... its kind of like saying. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO FIX THIS!

Just saying.

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Re: Alien Enemies

Post by ssilk »

I think you are right with "The whole re-spawn every 4 seconds thing is lame.".

But I would not be able to make it much better. There are too much dependencies between the different interests (Gameplay, Beginners, Advanced, CPU ...)
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