Underground power system

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Underground power system

Post by Omarflyjoemacky »

Hello! Forgive me if this has already been posted a bunch of times, but here's my suggestion. An underground power system or "built in" electrical lines in concrete flooring. To upgrade from above ground power to an underground system would certainly help clean up the power pole systems, and it provides another reason for players to lay down concrete or iron block flooring.

From reddit user Teokk about 5 months ago;

"I get the reason for power poles and enjoy the early game minigame involving them, but after a while they kinda get pointless. Both from a base design perspective (there is very little challenge from placing them) and from a resource perspective.
There could be a new floor tile, possibly involving copper wiring as an additional ingredient, which just makes everything on it powered.
So you'd still have/want to use poles when extending but are free to get rid of them in your base. I feel it makes sense both from a realistic and game design perspective. Plus I get annoyed with the aesthetics of the sea of poles after a while."

Hear Hear!! Would love to see this implemented, and to see another tech brought into the game. Any thoughts out there? :D
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