Mod profiles - make joining servers easy

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Mod profiles - make joining servers easy

Post by onebit »

Instead of a global set of mods, have mod profiles. That is sets of mods that are all enabled/disabled together.


mods\profile1, mods\profile2

When you connect to a server it creates a new profile, downloads the mods, and everyone is happy.

If the server has mod v1.2.3 and you have mod v2.3.4 it's ok. Each exists in its own profile and doesn't interfere.

When you're done, switch back to your old mods easily.

Maybe this is a version 1.1 feature? :) Life is OK without it, but I think modded servers are less popular due to the process of syncing mods. It's also hard to play with less technical friends who have trouble finding the mods folder and unzipping a file.

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Re: Mod profiles - make joining servers easy

Post by ssilk »

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