Adding Unlockable Tips

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Adding Unlockable Tips

Post by Suitcase08 »

Currently tips in Factorio are somewhat front loaded for when you begin playing, though at the moment it only takes a few minutes to read through them all so it isn't too difficult to power through. There are some other tips that could help new players that aren't yet in the tips but may do better having the option to appear mid-game, and appear similar but different to the current alerts as a flashing (?) symbol or something of the sort.

Some examples that could benefit new players with what's currently somewhat obscured knowledge:

Pad + or - can increase or decrease your tile brush size - Unlocked when Landfill or Concrete is researched
Hold Shift while placing and object down will create a 'Ghost' that a construction bot will work to place if it is inside a construction zone - Unlocked when Construction robotics is researched
Shift + Right Click on a factory with a recipe and Shift + Left Click on a requester chest will automatically request twice the contents needed for that recipe - Unlocked with Logistic System
Shift + Left Click with the deconstruction planner will remove objects from deconstruction in case you make a mistake - Unlocked with Automated construction

There appears to be a cycle over in the Factorio subreddit every 2-3 weeks where the same couple epiphanies are experienced by a handful of folks at a time but could be mitigated with tips that appear mid-game. A number of Factorio's special commands are hidden away in the controls menu, and some aren't really referenced at all from what I can tell- this suggestion may help that issue.

If you have any related tip suggestions I would be interested in hearing them, or if this system exists or could exist in a better capacity I'd love to hear that as well.

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Re: Adding Unlockable Tips

Post by aubergine18 »

I'd like to see also a mod API for tips - the tips UI would be useful for all sorts of stuff, especially if the game remembers that the user has selected "don't show this tip again" (the mod could still ask for it to be shown, but game wouldn't show it if user has already stated it shouldn't be shown again).

They could be defined as prototypes (along with all other tips IMO), to ensure each tip has specific id (name).
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