Power Armor Module Slots

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Power Armor Module Slots

Post by wifeter » Sat Jul 23, 2016 10:18 pm

What is the suggestion?

My idea is an upgrade to the power armor that would allow for the speed, productivity, and efficiency modules to directly affect (effect?) the player.

How would this work?
Once placed inside the armor, modules could be added, drawing power and applying their effects (reduced in potency, to balance spammability) in return.

Why should this be a feature?
It would allow for further quality-of-life improvements during the endgame, such as extending the time able to be spent in combat.

What would be their effects on the player?
Basically the same as their normal function, although other effects could be applied.
Speed Module- Increases player crafting/mining speed (perhaps the latter could be toggle able, to prevent accidents)
Efficiency Module- Decreases power consumption by power armor
Productivity Module- Decreases resource cost of crafting certain items, could boost power production inside armor.

Other Ideas
-MkII of upgrade could have beacon-like effect

Thanks for reading!
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Re: Power Armor Module Slots

Post by Ranakastrasz » Sat Jul 23, 2016 10:30 pm

Speed module is feasible. Similar to how the Crafting speed upgrades work. I think someone already made a mod with a similar effect. It didn't work multiplayer, but should be possible now.

Naturally, those two mods would be incompatable since there is no management of multiple bonuses for those stats.

Efficiency, About as feasible as increasing turret range. Technically possible with excessive object subtitution, but extremely impractical.

Productivity, Probably possible. Detect when a recipe is finished, add to it's productivity percent, and at 100%, double the output, and subtract 100% from that percent.

Beacon, I have no idea if beacons register and deregister with movement. If they do, then drag a dummy beacon around with the player, same as my Modular Armor mod drags a dummy laser turret with it.
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Re: Power Armor Module Slots

Post by ssilk » Sat Jul 23, 2016 11:30 pm

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