Underground: Mining in Caverns, Burrows, and Tunnels

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Underground: Mining in Caverns, Burrows, and Tunnels

Post by TheGreatB3 »

Have you ever wished there was more to exploring your Factorio world than just "going further?" Do you want to add another dimension to your factory? Do you just find that having all the resources you need right here on the surface is pretty unrealistic?

I propose that we add systems of procedurally generated underground caverns, as well as new machinery and new enemies that are better suited to them.

  • Seismic Surveyor
    Used to find where caves are by pounding the ground. Similar to Radar.
  • Shaft Boring Machine
    Used to first give access to tunnels.
  • Ramp
    Used to allow transport belts, rails, and players easy access to tunnel system.
  • Tunnel Boring Machine
    Used to create new tunnels in a straight line. Can also maybe place transport belts behind to handle byproducts.
  • Minecarts
    Smaller, more maneuverable versions of trains better suited to narrow tunnels.

  • Tunnel walls can be mined slowly by hand. Resources are found in the walls, and also on the ground underneath them once mined.
  • Resources are much richer underground, to encourage players to explore and make use of tunnels.
  • Certain caves are actually alien burrows, with rooms and spawners.
What do you think? Is there anything I should add, change, or elaborate upon? Let me know in the comments!

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Re: Underground: Mining in Caverns, Burrows, and Tunnels

Post by Epicnoob »

I love the idea, but I think most of it is better suited in mod form. I like the mechanic of having to dig the tunnels yourself with such a boring machine, which will need to be managed.

If I look at minecarts by themselves, I would love to have some zooming around on surface rails as a lightweight alternative to trains.

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Re: Underground: Mining in Caverns, Burrows, and Tunnels

Post by ssilk »

I made a new list: viewtopic.php?f=80&t=29236 New Types of Resources (Gold and Diamond...) / New Ores
Cool suggestion: Eatable MOUSE-pointers.
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