Chests for construction bots

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Chests for construction bots

Post by ssilk » Sat Mar 22, 2014 9:45 am

Came from here ... f=7&t=2886

One idea, two implementations:

1. The construction bots can deliver also to passive provider and prefer to deliver them, but only if empty or the same item is inside and no stack limitation is set! Solves problem, that storage chests are mixed up and opens new ways of deconstruction. This will spare also the need for storage chests in the pre-logistic time.

2. We introduce a construction chest, which is for the construction bots also visible in the construction area and - like with the previous suggestion - the cbots prefer that chest for delivery.

This chest is also special, because it can request the items for a blueprint (somehow the needed stuff for blueprint is copied). The logistic bots can fill it with the contents, if inside logistic area. When the request is cleared, the box works as passive provider chest again.

This box is also the first item, which can be transported without emptying it (otherwise it made no sense).
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