Improvements on the logistic network [logistic robots / storage chests]

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Bizz Keryear
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Improvements on the logistic network [logistic robots / storage chests]

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A thing that is coming up lately in my plays is the build in inefficiency of the logistics network.
  • When everything is produced and consumed in bulks ... it is fine ... but as soon only single items are consumed ... or produced, the robots starts to fly of for every and each single item and while the first is on way another item comes out and the next robot goes of. That . Is. Inefficient. As. Hell.
A way better way would be to be able to define not only a request but a minimum and maximum (for requester chest and player) and a "stack" size for provider chests.
  • Let's say as pure example I set 25 iron plates for my character as minimum and 150 as maximum. then I will only be filled up once I have less then 25 in inventory, but then up to 150 in one go. Preventing robots to make their way across the map for each and every single plate.
    The "stack" size for provider chest would define the minimum amount if same item that has to be in before a robot starts to pick it up. The default for that would be a value that is as big as the amount of stuff each robot can carry in one go. (can be set to 1 manually in case need)
The only current way as workaround for slow outputs includes extra chests and stack inserters. Stuff will be put out in a normal chest first and only transferred to a provider chest once the amount in normal chest >= desired amount (only really useful while desired amount < stack size stack inserters)

Also: Storage chests are a pain in the butt as they are at the moment.
Here a few ideas about them:
  1. Make it possible to "reserve" places to certain items (like in tool bar)
    • if any of it is in that chest it will be first and foremost in that place before anywhere else (including other chests).
      If it is somewhere else that else will always consumed first while reserved spaces will be filled up first.
      If a reserved is emptied (e.g. by player or inserter) while somewhere else is same stuff. it will be redistributed by robots to assigned places
  2. Make different modes available:
    1. distribution mode:
      • makes sure that the distribution of all items in all chests is roughly the same (might need detection of adjacent chests) and redistributes the items always in a way that no matter in which "storage area" you are the content is roughly the same.
    2. coagulation mode:
      • Whenever possible it moves one item type in one chest. only when every other chest is full it will move another type in this chest. And only if this chest is full it will move items from this time into other storage chests
    3. Buffer mode:
      • Items will only placed in this chest when they have nowhere else to go. And they will be always picked up from here first before anywhere else
    4. normal mode: like it was till now

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Re: Improvements on the logistic network [logistic robots / storage chests]

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