Remove items from player inventory *AFTER* crafting

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Remove items from player inventory *AFTER* crafting

Post by garath »

Start with the following assumptions:

1. You start with your inventory empty--assume 30 slots.
2. You fill your inventory with 30 stacks of items needed to make some quantity of end product.
3. You *start* crafting items that require all 30 stacks of items in your inventory.

Currently, as soon as you *start* crafting all those items, the game appears to remove all raw items from your inventory. This is inconsistent and illogical behavior. When dealing with anything other than crafting items from your inventory, it does not seem the game removes the items until *after* they have been used to craft the item. I suggest the game code be changed so that we have consistent behavior across all manners of production-- e.g. crafting using assemblers and crafting using your inventory.

This inconsistent game behavior causes players grief when they do the following:

1. Queue up the production of multiple items, and the game removes all the raw products from their inventory.
2. The player picks up additional items that fill the now freed up inventory space.
3. The player cancels production of one or more items, and receives the dreaded, "Inventory is full" message.

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Re: Remove items from player inventory *AFTER* crafting

Post by ssilk »

Believe it or not: The current behavior is much better. :)

The crafting is much more complex, than you think. Eventually this one helps: viewtopic.php?f=80&t=22076#p139172
This is inconsistent and illogical behavior.
I think it is so: The items are filled into the "crafter", which is part of your power suit, so it's clear, that it empties the inventory. Proof: Your hand stacks are empty, while crafting.

Nothing inconsistent nor illogical; it depends on standpoint. :)
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Re: Remove items from player inventory *AFTER* crafting

Post by seronis »

Current behavior is best if for no other reason than it prevents you from dropping required ingredients from your current crafting queue before they have a chance to be used. It prevents player stupidity and simplifies the amount of logic checks needed in the code "are those items STILL THERE? still now? how about now?" etc.

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