Higher Volume Conveyor

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Higher Volume Conveyor

Post by zytukin »


A Bucket conveyor to transfer items by the stack.
Video of it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_Wr-J9pkuo

Could add several pieces for building it:
A piece to 'dump' stuff from the buckets into a chest (ideally smart settable and connectable to networks)
A special type of block that can be fed by several inserters to fill the buckets
Straight conveyor section
Inclined conveyor section (would be nice if it was possible to make it change elevation to go over other ones as it is one of the key features of it)

If you don't feel that buckets make sense for transferring items by the stack (ie, iron plates) then could just use large bins in the graphic instead.

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Re: Higher Volume Conveyor

Post by ssilk »

The idea of transporting bulk items is not new. But I like the title.

My keywords for this are: Cargobox, Cargo-box, Boxing, Stacking, Container.
There is not really the need to transport such items by belts, cause...

My favourite is this:

viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7977 Ropeway conveyor above the factory...
I really like that, cause it would look very cool.

The related link-list is here:

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(goes very deep into that boxing idea)

But there are other threads:

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viewtopic.php?f=80&t=25685 Higher Volume Conveyor
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Re: Higher Volume Conveyor

Post by jomama »

I just had the same idea when thinking about the FFF 224 - bots versus belts. I say we revive this.

Using chests to created some kind of bucketed belt takes care of the throughput problems by increasing the items/tile. It could also help UPS problems by grouping items together in a chest-like entity so the belt doesn't have to track individual items or bubbles. There's a hundred ways this could be implemented, from simple chests-on-a-belt to all new machines and packagers and myriad other things. So I'll just say that it should be done to help belts keep up with bots from a throughput and space-efficiency standpoint

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Re: Higher Volume Conveyor

Post by Optera »

revival of the belted car.

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