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Notification Centre

Post by connormcwood »

I had a similar Idea to the one which was mentioned here:
viewtopic.php?f=6&t=14575&p=98596&hilit ... oil#p98596

The above thread talks about depleted oil mines notifying the user (Similar to the No Fuel Feature)

I would to suggest a more broader approach in actually creating a building of some sort which allows you to keep track of what is running out or having problems.
Instead of notifying above the building that a oil mine is depleted it should be displayed in the building.

You would interact with the building and for example it could show an edited version of the map and depending on what you have told it to track it would flash
on the building UI what is wrong and where it is in terms of the map.

A user could be notified to this by a flashing icon (Where attacks are shown right of the inventory) to go look at their Notification Building (Centre)?

You could also go one further and create items which are needed for these tracking systems to work. Maybe some sort of Radio and a tailored Frequency which could
be changed within the building. Having it like this would mean the user would obviously have to research this type of tech and create items therefore meaning that
it is not overpowered unless you spend a lot of time in to producing it. It would also scale as once you have a big world you are more than likely going to need more items
to track more of your wells or mines and any other notification which would be needed.

Create a notification building which allows the user to have the ability to track depleted mines or wells and having the building's UI similar to the map so the user can identify which
well or mine (or anything else which would need tracking) needs to looked at.

A new Item could be used with some building such as Radio which would allow you to tune it so you could set a broadcaster and a listener or something along those lines.

I hope it is easy to get the gist of what I am trying to say as it is hard to explain.

Thank you for taking the time to read this suggestion.

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Re: Notification Centre

Post by ssilk »

Added to viewtopic.php?f=80&t=16566 Alerts, Alert-Info (Map), visible/audible Indication
Cool suggestion: Eatable MOUSE-pointers.
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