Network Signal Notification Messages

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Network Signal Notification Messages

Post by JasonC »

I think a useful thing to have would be the ability to display notification text on the screen in response to circuit network signal conditions. This would give a player the ability to monitor conditions around the factory.

I think I've come up with a relatively straightforward way to provide this. I'd like to propose the following:
  • For Lamps that are connected to a circuit network, add a text field to their editor UI where you can enter a custom message. The message should be blank (no message) by default, so the initial setup is exactly like Lamps are right now.
  • When the Lamp is on, display that message in the top left corner, like the way mission objectives are displayed.
  • When the Lamp turns off, get rid of the message. Make a small time delay before getting rid of the message (maybe 2-3 seconds) so it doesn't get crazy if the lamp is flickering.
  • Lamps not attached to circuit networks should never display messages, because that would be useless (and these lamps don't have editor UI's anyways).
  • Messages should stack, so if multiple messages are visible at once, you see them all.
I think tying in to Lamps gives the most bang for the buck. Lamps connected to circuit networks are only used for indicating conditions to a human player, so if message display were to be added it's a natural place to put it, and it doesn't add any more new entities to the game.

Of course this could also get its own entity. I'm not married to the idea of using lamps I just think they naturally work together. If it had its own entity it could be part of the Circuit Network tech (which btw is the same tech level it'd be available at if it were part of lamps too, since you need circuit wires to have access to the lamp UI).
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Re: Network Signal Notification Messages

Post by ssilk »

Added to viewtopic.php?f=80&t=16566 Alerts, Alert-Info (Map), visible/audible Indication
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