Challenge scenarios (some ideas)

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Challenge scenarios (some ideas)

Post by SantanaBar »

Hey guys, first of all, awesome game, congratulations!

Now, one of the things I would really like, is the focus on challenging scenarios, that forces the player to strategy in different ways, because of external factors. Some examples:

- Achive xxxx in a desert map: this means no electricity until you have solar panels. We could include some unique "carbon assembly machines", or just give a few solar panels so electricity is SUPER limited. Maybe take a train that is guarded by aliens to obtain huge ammounts of supplies to help us reach solar panel technologies quicker

- I loved the "rebuild the factory" map from the campaign, the one with the broken railroad. Great job there

- Generate xxxx amount of yyyy, scenarios where yyyy key ingredient is only in hands of aliens that protects it in a giant base (like produce batteries and oil fields are all in alien territories)

- "Defend the base" scenarios where you are constantly attacked by aliens. Heavy focus in military defenses/weapons

- Produce xxxx amount of yyy, where ingredients for yyyy are EXTREMELY FAR AWAY (force the player to build trains, oil barrels, etc). We can also incluse some unique objects here like a a super radar (build it as first objective) that will help us to locate this resource.

- No pollution allowed scenarios. If you polute more than xxx to achive the objetive, you lose.

- Many train related scenarios. We all love trains.

- Vehicle factory: provide the army with xxx cars and xxx tanks

- No coal map, force player to use oil/wood as fuel

I think you get the idea, thats all. Kepp up the goob job!

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Re: Challenge scenarios (some ideas)

Post by ssilk »

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