Auto Centering Turret upgrade

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Auto Centering Turret upgrade

Post by zytukin »

I turned peaceful mode off on my factory and immediately noticed a minor problem with the turrets.

When you build a turret, you can rotate it so the gun points a certain direction.
After being built, you can't rotate them by hitting R to make the gun point a particular direction.

They can rotate as needed when firing, but when finished killing an enemy, they just point to whatever compass direction is closest. If you build a line of turrets pointing East, and they kill an enemy that comes from the Northeast, they may park pointing North. Then if the next enemy comes from the East there is a delay in engaging it due to turrets having to rotate back East again (or a longer delay if it comes from the South or South East), thus allowing the enemies to get closer and possibly cause damage.

It would be nice if there was an upgrade that could be researched to make the turret guns rotate back to the direction they were pointing when built after killing any enemies in range.

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Re: Auto Centering Turret upgrade

Post by ssilk »

I find the current behavior much more useful, cause the direction of the raid normally doesn't change much. And if: then they are in the right direction for the next wave...
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