Save overwriting confirmation

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Save overwriting confirmation

Post by robflop »

So, hello guys.

I'll get to the point at the very beginning: Please implement a confirmation dialogue for when you are about to (accidentally or intendedly) overwrite a save.

Now, for some details as to why I would like this to be made a feature:
I've been playing Factorio for quite a while with a friend and i've been having a ton of fun. However, today I played with another friend, and when I was going to manually save the map before logging off, I accidentally overwrote the save me and the 1st friend have been playing on. The left button of my mouse doesn't quite work 100% anymore, so it likes to double-click. The misfortune of a misclick and a doubleclick came together and poof, there went my save.

Luckily my friend had the map saved manually aswell, otherwise it would've been lost forever -- which would be a rather big bummer for me (and him), as we have invested 15 hours into it.

Thank you for reading and I hope you're with me on this one!

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Re: Save overwriting confirmation

Post by ssilk »

I made a new Frequently Suggestion:
viewtopic.php?f=80&t=21367 Game Save File Related Suggestions
and added you, too.
Cool suggestion: Eatable MOUSE-pointers.
Have you used the Advanced Search today?
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