Improving turrets

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Improving turrets

Post by AgileFoxi »

Suggestions for Factorio:
Please do away with the Star Wars style lasers, they're just not lasers, not at all. I would suggest that lasers become much later tier weaponry, and that initially the beam is barely visible like a real laser and as you upgrade damage the beam becomes more intense and visible. Also they're lasers, so their range should be much improved but their damage lowered. As such also their power consumption should be much more immense, this makes them incredibly expensive tech and that would curb the uselessness of the gun turrets. Their internal batteries should have one shot and their passive power draw should be non-existent, this would balance them a lot more but would give the player the risk of losing power to the rest of their Factory(when the turrets engage) giving the player the incentive to create accumulator arrays for their laser weaponry and not just to augment solar panels(it would probably be best to get tier two accumulator tech then).
Also I would suggest that the gun turrets need some kind of fuel, I find it strange that they can move on their own. Or make them a duality, so that they can run with either a fuel source and create pollution when they're engaging the enemy or hook them up to your power grid which conveniences the player for their eventual upgrade towards high range laser weaponry, taking away some bite if they already have the power distribution in place for the laser turrets. Also laser turrets and gun turrets should both have circuitry. Gun simple and laser advanced or processor unit, this will give the turrets a wonderful layer of realism without being completely ludicrous. It would also force an early player to take a bit of a more active role in defense.
Concerning biter behavior I think it would be nice if they first scouted the player instead of just attacking outright, I mean you're this strange alien from space making a lot of loud things that smell bad, they should be curious and only go observe the player for a short while without attacking, following them for short duration at a reasonable distance. If the player attacks(or if they already have turrets that attack) the Biters should go fully hostile.

Finally, amazing work! Factorio is silly awesome. Really the only flaw to me is the laser turrets, they're just not lasers...

Another way to keep gun turrets relevant is to add railgun tech, increasing both their range and damage and another upgrade to integrate them with your logistics bots so they get refilled automatically as long as you have available ammo in storage or provider chests(and are within range of the logistics port).

On a point of convenience: When making a blueprint of turrets could they have the ammo inside as part of the blueprint(also fuel if you devs think that's neat)? It would be wonderful to plot down offence ready turret outposts to harass Biter nests, I currently use large power cables to run and pop down a blueprint with a block of laser turrets as an offence to attack large Biter bases, and you can surround them fast thanks to the large cable's range. Works wonderfully and makes them actually beatable .

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Re: Improving turrets

Post by Koub »

You should really try to give a go to the search button you know, there are currently 3 threads going about laser/gun turrets, and you've just started you own.

These are the active threads. You'd find most ow what's whitten in your suggestion, and several answers (or opposite opinions to debate with) :).
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