Capsule Launcher Module (Modular Equipment)

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Capsule Launcher Module (Modular Equipment)

Post by BlakeMW »

The Problem
Suggestion: Capsule Launcher Module.

The Capsule Launcher would be an armor module which increases the rate you can throw capsules and possibly also increases the robot follower count, the range you can throw capsules, or the area in which robots engage enemies around you.

Example Properties:
  • +100% Capsule Deployment Rate (with one module, you can throw 2 capsules per second, with 5 modules you could throw 6 capsules per second)
  • +10 Robot Follower Count
  • +20% Robot Engagement Area

With a bunch of these puppies in your armor you could lay down the hurt even on the highest biter settings, the cost in terms of capsules would be horrendous which is exactly why it would be an awesome option for the proud owner of a end-game factory.

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Re: Capsule Launcher Module (Modular Equipment)

Post by slindenau »

Hi, i made the following mod: viewtopic.php?f=97&t=24545

It takes this concept a bit further, by fully automating the deployment of destroyer drones (capsules).
I added power armor equipment for balancing reasons, but it could be used in the future to influence (automatic) deploy rate.
Has one issue i'd really like to see fixed, about usage in multiplayer. But works 100% as intended in singleplayer.

You can discuss any suggestions/additions you would like to see to the mod in the linked thread :).
My mod: "Auto Deploy Destroyers" (follower robots) viewtopic.php?f=97&t=24545

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