Concept: Custom efficiency / modular machines

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Concept: Custom efficiency / modular machines

Post by sunfyer »

So i recently searched some new games and i stumbled upon fortresscraft evolved (wich i didn't bought) and i kinda like the concept that you have to place mor than 1 part to, i.e. process ore to plates, so you have to put a furnance at first and then a vent.

Wich comes to my idea for factorio: modular factorio parts, so you have a UI where you put together your concept of, for example an assambly machine with its parts like sorter, assambly unit, and then maybe an efficience/productivity part wich stronges some aspects of the machine, would be put together manually to change some properties to maybe an way more effectiv machine or something like that. It would be kinda complicated to implement and balance in the game, so you might to invent a second playmode or maybe a late-game-technology and then you might also need some cool textures that change when you re-build one of them in a different way.

also a feature wich would make this game-modofikation more enjoyfull would be that you mark the same machines as a group and then, if you change the machine parts, they would be replaced/rebuild by building robots or special robots for this action.

its just an idea but i really want to know your thoughts about this idea : )

and yes, english isn't my native language so i hope one can understand what i want to say

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Re: Concept: Custom efficiency / modular machines

Post by ssilk »

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