Mounted Guns

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Mounted Guns

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These guns would be basically a manual powered gun turret. You would stand next to it, press enter (like entering a car), and you would enter into shoot mode. While in shoot mode, your cursor turns into a red target, and you point and shoot what you want dead. Like the gun turret, it won't need electricity.

How to make:
Basically, create a mount and put a gun on it. Any regular old gun will work. Even a rocket launcher!

Recipe for Mount: 4 Iron rods, 1 ironplate and 2 computerchips
Note: When you break the mounted gun, you get the mount and the gun back, so its reusable.

Note: The buffs of using a mounted gun rather than your normal gun is
1. More range
2. Save a weapon slot
3. You will be able to put modules in it -Speed: makes it faster -efficient: uses less bullets -productivity: More range

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