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Storage Chest filter

Post by Ranakastrasz » Sat Jul 25, 2015 7:31 pm

Allow a storage chest to either have slots like a requester chest, or allow filters like the hotbar or trains.

If a chest has a filter, it is considered the second highest priority for dropping off that item type. highest being a requester chest/player.
If a chest has items not matching the filter, a lowest priority to have idle robots move items out of that chest.
If a two chests have the item, or one of them does, and the other has the filter, a lowest priority to move items from the unmarked chest occurs as above.

The purpose of this is to make organizing items in storage chests easier. Currently robots drop items in a chest with a matching item, or if that chest is full/nonexistant, chose a random/closest/lowest id non-full chest. This makes a mess so quickly, and cleaning it up is a pain, especially if they ever empty out a chest.

This change would allow you to designate chests for storage of a specific item type, even if it is empty and you have none of that item, or if the network would normally just eat that item.
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