Passive requester and passive requester chest

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Passive requester and passive requester chest

Post by chris13524 »

Just like the passive and active provider chests, there should be passive and active requester chests. The active requester chest would act like the current requester chest. The passive requester chest would only take items from storage chests and active providers. So basically:

Passive provider, active provider, storage, trash slots -> active requester
Active provider, storage, trash slots -> passive requester

What this allows is to have caches of items. Simply, you can just do:

to other assemblers <- passive provider <- passive requester <- production (assembler)

Items from this are available in the logistic network as well as taking out any of that item from the network. So instead of having storage chests full of random junk from player trash slots, the stuff with be re-fed into the system. Because of the passiveness of the requester, items will not go in a loop: passive -> requester ->(bot) passive...

I am sure this could open up additional possibilities in other areas as well, but I can't think of any at the moment.

TL;DR Basically a passive requester chest that only takes items passively.

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