Orbital weaponry

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Orbital weaponry

Post by deepdriller » Sat Jul 04, 2015 2:36 pm

Make the sky fall on your enemies!
All weapons require manual targeting.
Many possible weapons can be imagined:
Projectile weapons
  • Kinetic Bombardment: Fires an iron rod into the ground to cause a local earthquake. (IRL, tungsten would be used instead.) This requires a rod manufacturing line, but VERY little resources. As opposed to:
  • Nuclear missile launcher: Requires a lot of resources and causes poisoning and high pollution in the target area. Has a chance of destroying resources.
Energetic weapons
  • Laser beam: Requires a lot of energy. Causes target to burn. Continuous fire. No splash damage.
  • Ion cannon: For those who loved the GDI. Hits its target with a buildup animation, followed by a satisfying BOOM. Long recharge time, might even need to be supplied with some kind of gas?
  • Neutron beam weapon: Used to defend the base. Damages only biologic organisms and can therefore be allowed to have an AoE.
    "Area of Effect"

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