Placement when walking

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Placement when walking

Post by ssilk » Wed Jul 17, 2013 4:47 pm

Placement when walking (keep pressing RMB and walk around while holding an item places it) or removing items (keep pressing LMB) can be improved.


1. When running while placing and walking from the ground onto a belt (you might stop running there) and the belt is not directly in or against your walk-direction and you have items left to place, the mode stops. In other words: When you run onto a belt, which is for example 90 degrees to you walk-direction, then you are shifted sideways (which makes it nearly impossible to keep placing things in a straight line). When this happens (the player is so much shifted sideways, that you don't hit the same field in a straight line of walk-direction) it makes sense to stop placing things, instead of accidentally placing them sideways and then you need to remove them again, because they are not in a line.
It is useful, that you keep placing things, as long as you are on a belt (you stand there or walk and the belt is in or directly against your walk-direction).

1.a The same happens, when the player is moved sideways, because he hits somethings (a tree?) and is a little bit shifted sideways to automatically walk around it without changing direction, so that the mouse now points to another field.

1.c Happens also, if you zoom out while pressing RMB (depends on the distance of the mouse to the player).

Perhaps the better general rule is: When you run in a direction and the next item will not be placed in the same walk-direction as the previous, the mode stops. This considers also sudden mouse-movements sideways while walking.

2. When you place belts while walking: When the belts are in the same direction placed as you walk and you then keep pressing RMB, but change your walk-direction, the belt is automatically turned in the direction you walk. The same is valid in the opposite directions but takes care for the "edges" (need to turn one item later!). Also useful for pipes.

3. When you place poles while pressing RMB, not every possible field is filled with a pole. Instead, the algorithm waits with placing, until you reach the range of the pole-wires, so that the poles are connected at the "farthest point".

4. Placing an underground-item: Like with the poles the opposite underground-item is placed before leaving the range. (I mean placing underground belts has also a small problem, because had the problem, that the belts are placed several times when you move the mouse a little bit while placing (same sound as when placing some logistic robots).)

5. Placing inserters: When you start placing inserters while running and there is something, in which or from which the inserter can work and you come to a place, where
5.a the same item would be worked on in the same type (inserted/put out)
5.b no item would be worked on
then it is not placed!
( a) is the case for assemblies or furnaces, b) is the case for a big number of horizontal placed gun-turrets with some space between.)

6. The placing of tracks is an own theme. :) I think something like #2 would be nice. But I think that also a planning-mode (also useful for any other stuff) would make sense, so that you plan something in god-mode and logistic-robots or anything places the planned stuff.

7. While placing when walking I would like to see how many items I have placed until I begun to place. This is also useful to show the user, that he is now in a special mode which has own rules.

8. While placing in this mode (while keeping RMB pressed) I would like to have transparent help-lines in all 8 directions and small markers on the help lines which show 10, 20, 40, ... fields-distance.


1. When removing for example trees while walking (I think this is currently the fastest method to remove stuff until you have a flamethrower) and you are one a resource-field, the resource is ignored and instead it keeps trying to remove trees. This is also the same for any other item which is standing on a resource-field. You explicitly have to select the resource to mine it.

2. When you shifted sideways by a belt, the mode stops. See above point 1. and 1.a/1.b

3. When removing for example a line of belts in the night it is ridiculous that the player turns his light back and forth every step he removes (depends on the placement of the mouse if he does this). Removing should work a little bit more like placing.

Because I'm at this point: I want to ask, why removing is so much slower than placing. I will understand this for trees (even if this is in my eyes too long), resources and bigger items, but not for belts, poles, inserters and any other small stuff, because in reality placing needs normally longer than removing.
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Re: Placement when walking

Post by tonberrytoby » Wed Jul 17, 2013 9:24 pm

It would be much easier to accomplish the same thing by making it easier to walk in a straight line.

Just make it a toggle button, where the character automatically compensates for any belts he might be standing on, and where he stops moving ( or starts running in place if he is on a belt) if he hits an obstacle.

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