Add settings to disable specific system messages

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Add settings to disable specific system messages

Post by Hares »

It would be nice to have settings disabling and/or muting system messages such as "Can't insert" or research queue changed.
The following system messages should have settings to be disabled and/or muted:
  • "Cannot insert X. Inventory is full."
  • "X started/queued/canceled research Y"
  • Research is done
Ideally, the "can't insert" message should be a hovering text similar to can't reach.
Just look at the screenshot.

That's me Ctrl+Clicking once on a warehouse gathering materials from the bus (let's assume I want to load these to the rocket, which I usually did before I automated it).
The chat is basically gone.

Some mods (like Space Exploration) print important information to the chat, and since there's no way to scroll, the "garbage" non-informative messages throw the important stuff away.

For the research messages, the problem is the fact you got messages for your own actions AND they are automatically enabled even in single-player after you played current map on multiplayer at least once. I never want to receive notifications for non-security-related actions I do BTW.

There's recent mod that makes the "can't insert" messages blank, but they still occupy a chat scroll space.

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Re: Add settings to disable specific system messages

Post by FuryoftheStars »

Hmm, not that it wouldn't be a bad idea, but I feel like the better(?) solution for the "Can't insert" spam is to 1) make it hover text (like you alt. suggested as, yeah, it doesn't make sense having that in the chat log), and 2) combine multiple from the same tick into a single "Can't insert multiple items. [...]" instead of spamming each one individually.
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