Separate accounts - why?

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Separate accounts - why?

Post by Ondrashek06 »

Doesn't phpBB support custom 3rd party logins? There could be a button like "Sign in with Factorio Account" which asks you for either your username/password, token, or API key.

The benefits could be:
- Linking Factorio purchase status, so there could be private forums only for verified buyers to prevent trolls and spam accounts.
- Linking username with Factorio account username to prevent threads asking staff to change it for them.
- Not having separate logins (obviously)

The drawback would probably be implementation.

(also, when we are at it, how about adding regional forums? Factorio is a Czech game, so forum staff members are mostly Czech too, that means that at least Czech forums could be moderated, if not other regional ones.)

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Re: Separate accounts - why?

Post by ssilk »

Well, meanwhile phpbb can be used with single sign-on solutions like keycloak.
Simple search show solutions like this

It’s just a big change, because it would mean that even users that have no wube-account (not bought Factorio) need to register to that system.
The same is it with the wiki.
The more save way from the data protection sight is the current solution. But the difference in safety is marginal.

Regional forums: A regional forum means there must be a native speaking moderator. I cannot speak for Wube, but I don’t see the need for that because there are already so many communities around the world.
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