[FUMP] Factorio United Multiplayer Project

Arrange meetings with other people to play MP, announce your servers.
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[FUMP] Factorio United Multiplayer Project

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Factorio United Multiplayer Project
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Contrary to the name, this is not a friendly co-op game, but about competing competitively against each other in PVP matches. Since Factorio is mainly designed for singleplayer or co-op, we are working on this project to provide the best PVP experience possible. As a basis for this we use the vanilla PVP scenario which we want to improve by carefully selected mods or own developments.

The goal of the game (to launch a rocket) should be maintained. However, a harsher fight for resources and against stronger biters should be added to this. Even if we really want to start from scratch, the game should not last longer than 12 to 16 hours if possible. This should allow competitive matches on the weekend which are held either in one day or split over 2 days.


Our matches are intended for players who have at least some experience with the Vanilla Factorio. Generally, a distinction is made between team and solo matches. Solo matchmaking pits players against each other (1 player per team) in the vanilla PVP scenario with up to 16 players. Here we play on a tweaked death world for higher difficulty.
Pre-registration will be necessary!


Currently a FUMP mod is being developed. It should interfere as little as possible with the vanilla gameplay, but balance PVP a bit more. The repo will be migrated from a private SCCS to either github or gitlab soon.

Features (Balance)
  • Enable trains to auto repair rails (slows them down)
  • Prevent enemy to build on ghost buildings
  • Prevent turrets from being easily outplayed by missiles
  • (Idea) Higher death penalty
Features (Atmosphere)
  • Black smoke on buildings which are destroyed by weapons
Features (Convenience)
  • Automatic notification when an opponent reaches certain checkpoints (e.g. researched rocket silo)
  • Allow additional opportunities to play out a strong military production
    • Implement early game shotgun mech robots (high coal/steam maintenance costs)
  • We welcome suggestions for reasonable adjustments to the vanilla game PVP game to make them it balanced
  • Register for matchmaking and report problems you encounter during gameplay (coming soon)
  • You know Lua and the Factorio API well and want to participate. Write us!

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