Streams of a MMO Factorio event!

Arrange meetings with other people to play MP, announce your servers.
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Streams of a MMO Factorio event!

Post by JD-Plays »

So the weekend is here, Got plans?

Just going to play Factorio for 5 more minutes then realise the sun is rising again?

Got some time? Want to play Factorio with a few friends?

Well I've got some good news. This weekend we have a few friends getting together to do something simple, completely melt the server's silicon! So this weekend Join us for the Molten Silicon event where our only objective is to get as many players onto a server as possible and launch a rocket, oh and melt the servers CPU at the same time!

Server has been custom built for this event, and has already completed a dry run of over 200 players!

There will be something for every player to do, everything from build a base to clearing biters with other red coats. I'm sure there will even be the true enemy on the map as well, we will need a lumber jack team!

So this weekend got a few hours spare, want to join the largest Massive Multiplayer event ever in Factorio's 7 year history?

Then please come join our server 11am UTC this Saturday 5th of September it will be the largest server running! Countdown timer
If you cant join or you just want to watch please click here to get all the Information

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Re: Streams of a MMO Factorio event!

Post by Koub »

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