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[NEW] 5 Vanilla-Servers published - maron.online

Post by beete » Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:20 pm

Hi together,

I have a little miniproject since summer 2017. My home-built server.
The server is in Germany (Hamburg).
So pay attention to your ping and do not be surprised if you are in Australia

It runs a job every 5min in the background and checks the online availability. Should a server fail, it will be restarted directly and it can be further built, where stopped. (this has never happened before)
In addition, once a day for updates are searched for and automatically installed. Thus, it never happens that an update is released and there is no available server :) except mine!
Every week a new map is generated (reset!). You will also receive this information on my homepage when the server reboots.

Currently running 5 Factorio servers with an anti-grief, ranking and many extras. (no mods! only scripts)
All servers are vanilla!

Everyone is welcome.
Best Regards !

Name: Factorio Srv01 Public - by maron.online
  • IP: factorio.maron.online:34190
  • reset every tuesday at 10:00AM (UTC+1)
  • very friendly for beginners
  • Biters never attack first
  • Rich resources

Name: Factorio Srv02 Default - by maron.online
  • IP: factorio.maron.online:34192
  • reset every wednesday at 10:00AM (UTC+1)
  • Default
  • Normal settings

Name: Factorio Srv03 SemiHardcore - by maron.online
  • IP: factorio.maron.online:34194
  • reset every thursdasy at 10:00AM (UTC+1)
  • Dangerous
  • Biters are more dangerous and evolve faster

Name: Factorio Srv04 Hardcore- by maron.online
  • IP: factorio.maron.online:34196
  • reset every friday at 10:00AM (UTC+1)
  • Death world
  • Recipes and technologies are expensive and biters are dangerous and plentiful.

Name: Factorio Srv05 Private - by maron.online
  • IP: factorio.maron.online:34198
  • *password*

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